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Addressing the STEM Workforce Challenge: Ohio

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It is nearly impossible to pick up a newspaper in the United States today without coming across information on the economic importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and jobs. In fact, research shows that employment opportunities in STEM-related fields will grow by 17 percent over the next decade; 90 percent of those jobs will require at least some college. Ohio will play an important role in developing the country’s capacity to fill these jobs and compete in the international marketplace.

The state could begin by focusing on the large percentage of students who are already math proficient and enrolled in college, offering them incentives and building interest in entering the field. In addition, initiatives focused on increasing math proficiency and STEM interest among African American and female students could create a more diverse STEM workforce.

This brief is part of the BHEF STEM Workforce and Policy Brief Series, which focuses on important dimensions of the education and workforce misalignment challenge facing the United States. Through this series, BHEF will further analyze 10th and 12th grade student STEM interest and math proficiency, as well as postsecondary enrollment using a longitudinal data set provided by BHEF member organization ACT. These analyses will provide fresh insights into the nature of the STEM challenge and explore unique solutions to these challenges

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