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Corporate Investments in College Readiness and Access

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As the challenges facing American competitiveness have become more apparent, leaders in all arenas who have long been interested in educational issues are now refocusing their attention on the need for increased college readiness and access.

This study seeks to develop a framework through which to understand the most effective practices corporations use to support college readiness and access. The study begins with a discussion of key aspects of college readiness and access and the essential components of effective college readiness and access initiatives. Then, to convey a sense of the breadth and depth of corporate support for college readiness and access programs, the study examines education philanthropy by Fortune 100 companies. The study also uses information gleaned from interviews and case studies with select corporate leaders to highlight aspects of corporate college readiness and access initiatives and the strategies corporations use in deciding to fund them. The study probes the experiences of corporations that have directed extensive support to college readiness and access programs, with the goal of illuminating how these corporations think about, plan, and implement their investments in college readiness.

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