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Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN)

Regional Effort
The Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) is a collaborative effort among business, P-12, higher education, non-profit, and government entities aimed at building and connecting STEM teaching and learning capacity in the state of Ohio. ...More


Program that Works
MentorNet is an e-mentoring program that matches women and others underrepresented in STEM-related fields with successful professional for a guided eight-month, one-on-one relationship. ...More

Iowa Math and Science Education Partnership (IMSEP)

Program that Works
The IMSEP is a large, multifaceted endeavor to raise STEM capacity and activity in Iowa. The program spans a network of institutions, including universities, K-12 schools, industry, governmental organizations, museums, zoos, and others. ...More

BHEF STEM Higher Education & Workforce Project: Maryland Pilot

Regional Effort
BHEF has launched the STEM Higher Education and Workforce Project to forge new strategic partnerships among business and industry, higher education, and government to strengthen STEM higher education and enhance the STEM workforce. The project seeks to: identify and encourage the scaling of programs, policies, and strategies that deepen the relevance and content of college-level STEM learning; increase enrollment, persistence, and successful graduation of students, particularly women and underrepresented minorities; and increase the alignment of undergraduate STEM education and workforce needs. ...More

STEM Means Jobs

November 28th, 2011
By Jamai Blivin, Chief Executive Officer, Innovate+Educate
Innovate+Educate believes that corporations across the U.S. must be involved in STEM education and must play a key role in advancing STEM education and workforce. ...More

Protecting America’s Future through the Federal Pell Grant Program

September 21st, 2011
By Brian K. Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer, BHEF
Increasing American competitiveness will require saving the Pell Grant program. A series of recession-driven forces have converged on lower-and middle-class American families, reducing families’ ability to pay for college at just the time we need more Americans earning college degrees. ...More

Research Universities: Working to Improve Undergraduate STEM Education

September 20th, 2011
By Hunter R. Rawlings III, President, Association of American Universities (AAU)
Two out of five entering college freshmen who plan to major in STEM fields switch to non-STEM majors by the time they graduate; in addition, completion rates for STEM majors are lower than for non-STEM majors. Given this gap in the STEM pipeline, and the serious impact it has on our nation, the Association of American Universities last week launched a five-year initiative to improve the quality of undergraduate teaching and learning in STEM fields at our member institutions. ...More

The Professional Science Master’s Degree: Helping America Produce a Highly Skilled Workforce

BHEF Publications
Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degrees provide students with intensive two-year, interdisciplinary graduate level programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, combined with training in management and workplace skills such as communication, teamwork, and finance and marketing. ...More

Eating our Seed Corn

July 25th, 2011
By Kati Haycock, President, The Education Trust
If our economy is going to thrive over the long term, we need to tend to the harvest. Protecting Pell Grant funding is one of the surest steps Congress and the White House can take to increase our yield. ...More

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