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The Boston Compact

Regional Effort
Originally formed in 1982 at the urging of the business community, the Boston Compact joined Boston business leaders, the Mayor of Boston, the Boston Public Schools (BPS), and local higher education institutions in an effort to improve student achievement in the city’s public schools. ...More

Greater Louisville Education Commitment

Regional Effort
The Greater Louisville Education Commitment demonstrates how commitment and co-operation between corporate, educational institutions, and the community as a whole can act to institutionalize academic reform and change. ...More

Achieving the Dream, Inc.

Program that Works
Achieving the Dream is a national program designed to provide students with the remediation, support, and guidance necessary to complete a community college degree. ...More

Washington State Running Start

Program to Watch
A dual enrollment program that provides academically qualified high school students an opportunity to enroll in college courses with financial assistance. ...More

Compact for Success

Program to Watch
A collaboration between the Sweetwater Union High School District and San Diego State University which allows students who maintain a 3.0 GPA, and meet certain requirements, guaranteed entry to the University. ...More

Power Stats from the National Center for Education Statistics

PowerStats, a data analysis tool, provides access to nine NCES postsecondary education datasets and the thousands of variables they contain. ...More

National Writing Project (NWP)

Program that Works
NWP sites partner with area school districts and universities to provide teachers with professional development programs and on-going opportunities to further their writing skills and to examine research on writing. ...More

Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education (IISME)

Program that Works
IISME Provides support and training to teachers and faculty through industry-based professional development. ...More

I Have a Dream Foundation

Program that Works
The “I Have a Dream” Foundation provides tuition support for low-income students. ...More

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST)

Program that Works
FIRST programs capitalize on students’ interest in Legos, robots, and similar activities to build long-term interest and skills in science and technology. ...More

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