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Ensure Student Success and Completion

These profiles demonstrate efforts to create an academic and co/extra-curricular environment that provides students with social and academic resources that facilitate college completion. Profiles include peer support strategies, such as cohort programs, bridge programs, and study groups; teacher and faculty mentorship; and methods to reduce college drop outs.

PolicyDirect: Connecting Postsecondary Education Research with Decision Makers

PolicyDirect is an online database showcasing research around important to student outcomes. ...More

Academic Investment in Math and Science (AIMS)

Program that Works
Program with demonstrated success impacting STEM undergraduate grades, retention, and graduation rates. ...More


Program that Works
MentorNet is an e-mentoring program that matches women and others underrepresented in STEM-related fields with successful professional for a guided eight-month, one-on-one relationship. ...More

Knowledge is Power Program Academies (KIPP)

Program that Works
KIPP is a non-profit network of at least 109 public schools, serving K-12. ...More

Protecting America’s Future through the Federal Pell Grant Program

September 21st, 2011
By Brian K. Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer, BHEF
Increasing American competitiveness will require saving the Pell Grant program. A series of recession-driven forces have converged on lower-and middle-class American families, reducing families’ ability to pay for college at just the time we need more Americans earning college degrees. ...More

Freshman Research Initiative

Program to Watch
Provides first-year college students rigorous science research opportunities to foster a devotion to STEM disciplines, and prepare students for the workforce and graduate school. ...More

Waiting for Sputnik

December 17th, 2010
By Brian K. Fitzgerald, Executive Director, BHEF
Last week, the Lumina Foundation convened a wide array of education policy leaders and practitioners to explore the challenges of meeting the foundation’s “Big Goal” of increasing the proportion of Americans holding high-quality certificates and degrees to 60% in 15 years. In the opening session of the meeting, several participants stated that “we need a Sputnik moment” —some catalyst to provoke change. ...More

Say Yes to Education, Inc. (Say Yes)

Program that Works
Say Yes is a P-16 focused program that uses a research-based model of barriers, interventions, and financial aid to increase high school and college graduation rates of at-risk inner-city youth. ...More

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Targeted Mentoring

Program that Works
Appropriate mentor models are paired with LGBT graduate students and junior faculty to decrease stress and discrimination. ...More

Diplomas Now

Program to Watch
A data-driven collaboration designed to provide students with the global support and resources they need to complete high school. ...More

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