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Increase Academic Alignment and Rigor

Bridging the knowledge gaps between P-12 and higher education, and higher education and the workforce, requires improving communication between the various sectors and agreeing upon common definitions for terms such as “college ready” and “work ready.” Profiles include examples of high-quality curriculum, teacher and leader retention, renewal and professional development, student remediation, internships, dual enrollment, and research experiences.


Program that Works
An intensive year-long program prepares low-income, young adults in ten urban areas for professional and academic success by teaching them professional skills and providing internship opportunities. ...More

PolicyDirect: Connecting Postsecondary Education Research with Decision Makers

PolicyDirect is an online database showcasing research around important to student outcomes. ...More

Academic Investment in Math and Science (AIMS)

Program that Works
Program with demonstrated success impacting STEM undergraduate grades, retention, and graduation rates. ...More

Iowa Math and Science Education Partnership (IMSEP)

Program that Works
The IMSEP is a large, multifaceted endeavor to raise STEM capacity and activity in Iowa. The program spans a network of institutions, including universities, K-12 schools, industry, governmental organizations, museums, zoos, and others. ...More

Cognitive Tutor for Algebra I

Program that Works
An intelligent, computer-based tutoring system to increase mastery of Algebra I knowledge. ...More

The Professional Science Master’s Degree: Helping America Produce a Highly Skilled Workforce

BHEF Publications
Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degrees provide students with intensive two-year, interdisciplinary graduate level programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, combined with training in management and workplace skills such as communication, teamwork, and finance and marketing. ...More

Preparing America’s Future Workforce

July 19th, 2011
By Brian K. Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer, BHEF
More than ever, the nation needs college-educated graduates to fill our high-demand jobs, yet projections show we are facing shortages in many high-demand fields. These shortages are particularly acute in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines. If the nation continues on this trajectory, there will not be enough workers to fill the projected 17 percent increase in STEM jobs over the next decade. ...More

National Academy Foundation Career Academies

Program that Works
The National Academy Foundation (NAF) is a national network of high school career academies based predominately in urban districts. ...More

Issue Brief: Aligning Higher Education STEM Production with Workforce Demand through Professional Master’s Degrees

BHEF Publications
Professional master’s degrees create a new and much needed bridge between employers and potential employees who have both advanced education in critical disciplinary areas and training in management, communication, and related skills that will enable them to readily apply that knowledge effectively in business settings. ...More

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