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Recruitment programs and policies that attract leaders to the field in the disciplines, schools, and districts where they are most needed; retention programs and policies that keep leaders in the disciplines, schools, and districts where they are most needed; and renewal programs and policies that provide continual learning opportunities for leaders.

The Innovation Premium on Today's Workforce

July 19th, 2012
By Brian K. Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer, BHEF
June’s unemployment report suggested the underlying weakness of the recovery from the Great Recession. Yet, the preoccupation in the media on the jobless numbers belies an equally significant problem. While 12 million Americans look for work, more than 3 million jobs remain unfilled. The inability to fill these jobs hits at the core of the U.S. economy and an essential ingredient for competitiveness: innovation. ...More

Aligning Education and Workforce Goals to Foster Economic Development--Proceedings from Cities for Success: A BHEF Leadership Summit

BHEF Publications
Across the United States, civic leaders from all sectors are working avidly to identify education and workforce strategies that can bolster regional economic development. One notable success story is found in Louisville, Kentucky, where a broad coalition of local leaders identified powerful educational improvement strategies and then successfully mobilized the community around those strategies. ...More

Improving Education Through Collaboration: A Case Study of the Long Beach Seamless Education Partnership

BHEF Publications
Across the country, cities and regions have used cross-sector collaboration by business, higher-education, P-12, and community leaders to improve education. Although regional leaders take different approaches to this challenge, the most successful communities engage all sectors and align their efforts around common goals. ...More

Long Beach Education Partnership

Regional Effort
Originally formed in 1994, the Long Beach Education Partnership is comprised of Long Beach’s K-12, community college, and four year education systems. ...More

BHEF Des Moines Member-led Local Project

Regional Effort
Dedicated leadership makes Des Moines fertile ground for an effort that ties a big community vision to economic and education goals. ...More

Waiting for Sputnik

December 17th, 2010
By Brian K. Fitzgerald, Executive Director, BHEF
Last week, the Lumina Foundation convened a wide array of education policy leaders and practitioners to explore the challenges of meeting the foundation’s “Big Goal” of increasing the proportion of Americans holding high-quality certificates and degrees to 60% in 15 years. In the opening session of the meeting, several participants stated that “we need a Sputnik moment” —some catalyst to provoke change. ...More

Equipping Business and Higher Education Leaders to Catalyze Education Improvement

December 1st, 2010
By Brian K. Fitzgerald, Executive Director, BHEF
Fundamental misalignments across P-12 education, higher education, and the workforce threaten our ability to meet this country’s 21st century education and workforce needs, especially in the highest-demand careers. To address this challenge, I believe that local business and higher education leaders ...More

Cities for Success: A BHEF Leadership Summit

November 1st, 2010
By Jeanne Contardo, Director of Programs, BHEF
Last week high-level delegations from Des Moines, Iowa, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, including the cities’ mayors; superintendents; business, higher education, and philanthropy leaders; as well as dozens of other national leaders engaged in education improvement, attended Cities for Success: A BHEF Leadership Summit in Louisville, Kentucky. ...More

Evaluation Toolkit from the Pell Institute and Pathways to College Network

The online toolkit is an innovative online resource that guides users through the process of conducting small scale, high quality program evaluation. ...More

BHEF Louisville Blueprint for Community Action

Regional Effort
This plan outlines 5 framing goals with accompanying strategies for education improvement. ...More

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