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The Professional Science Master's (PSM) degree and the Master of Engineering Management degree are generally two-year graduate programs designed to allow students to pursue advanced training and excel in science and engineering, while simultaneously developing valued business skills.

The Professional Science Master’s Degree: Helping America Produce a Highly Skilled Workforce

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Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degrees provide students with intensive two-year, interdisciplinary graduate level programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, combined with training in management and workplace skills such as communication, teamwork, and finance and marketing. ...More

Issue Brief: Aligning Higher Education STEM Production with Workforce Demand through Professional Master’s Degrees

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Professional master’s degrees create a new and much needed bridge between employers and potential employees who have both advanced education in critical disciplinary areas and training in management, communication, and related skills that will enable them to readily apply that knowledge effectively in business settings. ...More

University of Texas at El Paso, Bioinformatics PSM

Program to Watch
The Bioinformatics Professional Science Master’s program focuses on students’ professional development through an interdisciplinary curriculum, research experience, and internships, to prepare graduates to serve in the research, managerial, or technical fields of bioinformatics. ...More

Arizona State University, Nanoscience PSM

Program to Watch
The Professional Science Master’s Program in Nanoscience at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus provides students with the opportunity to interact with local industry professionals and potential employers through a Professional Seminar course. ...More

Case Western Reserve University, Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Programs (STEP) PSM

Program to Watch
Formed in 1999, Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Programs (STEP) at Case Western Reserve University consist of Professional Science Master’s degrees in Biology (Entrepreneurial Biotechnology track), Chemistry (Entrepreneurship track), and Physics (Entrepreneurship track). ...More

Cornell University, Engineering Management PSM

Program to Watch
The Master’s in Engineering Management program at Cornell University is a one year coursework and project-oriented program offered through the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. ...More

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