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Programs and policies for students that do not typically receive or have access to an equitable share of education resources. Examples include students that are low-income, first generation, or a part of a minority group.


Program that Works
An intensive year-long program prepares low-income, young adults in ten urban areas for professional and academic success by teaching them professional skills and providing internship opportunities. ...More

Academic Investment in Math and Science (AIMS)

Program that Works
Program with demonstrated success impacting STEM undergraduate grades, retention, and graduation rates. ...More


Program that Works
MentorNet is an e-mentoring program that matches women and others underrepresented in STEM-related fields with successful professional for a guided eight-month, one-on-one relationship. ...More

Knowledge is Power Program Academies (KIPP)

Program that Works
KIPP is a non-profit network of at least 109 public schools, serving K-12. ...More

Protecting America’s Future through the Federal Pell Grant Program

September 21st, 2011
By Brian K. Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer, BHEF
Increasing American competitiveness will require saving the Pell Grant program. A series of recession-driven forces have converged on lower-and middle-class American families, reducing families’ ability to pay for college at just the time we need more Americans earning college degrees. ...More

Eating our Seed Corn

July 25th, 2011
By Kati Haycock, President, The Education Trust
If our economy is going to thrive over the long term, we need to tend to the harvest. Protecting Pell Grant funding is one of the surest steps Congress and the White House can take to increase our yield. ...More

Preserving the Federal Pell Grant Program: The Business-Higher Education Forum’s Position Statement

BHEF Publications
The Federal Pell Grant Program is a critical source of grant aid for many low-and moderate-income college students. Over the past decade, the federal government has expanded the program to serve more students, increasing the maximum level of each award to $5,550 and better ensuring college access and success. However, the House 2012 budget proposal calls for drastic cuts to the program, reducing the maximum grant by as much as 45 percent to $3,040. ...More

Lessons in Education Philanthropy: Proceedings from BHEF's Inaugural Institute for Strategic Investment in Education

BHEF Publications
The event convened over 45 corporate and private philanthropic leaders and education leaders for two and a half days to explore how best to leverage corporate philanthropic monies to maximize the impact on education. ...More

Teach for America—North Carolina

Program that Works
Teach for America is a teacher recruitment and training program that seeks to decrease educational inequality. ...More

Say Yes to Education, Inc. (Say Yes)

Program that Works
Say Yes is a P-16 focused program that uses a research-based model of barriers, interventions, and financial aid to increase high school and college graduation rates of at-risk inner-city youth. ...More

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