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Even stakeholders who know what to do  to improve preschool through graduate degree (P-20) education are sometimes challenged by how to do it. Business leaders and others outside of the education world often require resources developed for them.  Consequently, the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) developed StrategicEdSolutions.org®, a resource center that showcases “model” strategies, programs, and tactics, and provides tools for the formation of effective partnerships among business, higher education, community, and philanthropy leaders that maximize investments.

Low levels of college readiness, access, and success, particularly in math and science, are the key educational challenges affecting the United States.  We believe that remedying these problems will require sustained leadership by diverse stakeholders who have the information and tools they need to deploy their resources effectively. 
StrategicEdSolutions.org is designed to inform and equip this demographic in order to catalyze education improvement in their communities, regions, and institutions. These leaders then can identify P-20 education improvement strategies, metrics to measure effectiveness, and tactics to achieve the desired education and workforce outcomes. 



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