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Academic Investment in Math and Science (AIMS)

Program that Works


The four-year AIMS program begins with an intense, five-week residential summer program primarily stressing mathematics before students matriculate to the university. They then attend special, graded AIMS seminars the first year, participate in undergraduate research, are mentored by faculty, and may receive preparation for the Graduate Record Exam and the Medical College Admission Test. Starting their first academic year, students are awarded a 4-year academic scholarship of $1,500 that increases annually by $500 increments if one remains in good academic standing. The program has seen significant impact on retention and academic success.

Target Population

Current and potential women and students of color at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in STEM majors.


To increase the number of women and students of color who graduate from BGSU in STEM majors, and who proceed to get terminal degrees in their fields then ultimately perform cutting-edge research and/or teaching.

Program Highlights

  • Five-week Summer Bridge Program prior to matriculation
  • Cluster courses, including required, graded AIMS seminars
  • Ongoing group study sessions and weekly AIMS member meetings
  • Ongoing mentorship from faculty, administrators, and STEM professionals
  • Research emphasis and opportunities
  • Financial incentives for maintaining good academic standing
  • Guidance on matriculation into graduate school

The Facts

Not specified


Higher Education

  • Bowling Green State University


  • Marathon Pipeline LLC

Non-Profit / Philanthropy

  • Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation


Evidence of Impact

Level 3 – As compared to control groups, AIMS Scholars demonstrate higher frequencies of good academic standing (i.e., obtain 3.0 or higher GPA’s) their first semester of college, are more likely to remain in STEM-related disciplines throughout college, are less likely to leave BGSU, progress faster toward graduation, and have higher graduation rates.

An understanding of the improved grades, retention, and graduation rates of STEM majors at the Academic Investment in Math and Science (AIMS) program of Bowling Green State University (2007): Empirical article published in the Journal of STEM Education (available online).

Self-reported study documented correlations between program measures and with some program data compared to national averages.
Several cohorts of students at Bowling Green show similar trends in success.

Contact Information

Jodi Devine[Email Hidden - Click to View]
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green,  OH  78712
(419) 372-8501

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