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Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI)

Program that Works


AMSTI provides teachers from designated schools with grade- and subject-specific professional development during two 2-week summer institutes; equipment, supplies, and resources; and on-site support and mentoring.

Target Population

K-12 teachers at schools in Alabama


Improving math and science teaching in the state of Alabama

Program Highlights

  • AMSTI has trained 6,000 teachers and administrators.
  • AMSTI currently serves 185,000 students across the state of Alabama.
  • By the third year of the program, AMSTI has statistically significant effects on students in elementary schools in all subject areas.

The Facts

365 elementary, middle, and high schools in Alabama are designated AMSTI schools
$35.8 million in funding received for fiscal year 2008
South (Alabama)


Higher Education

  • Jacksonville State Univ.
  • The Univ. of Alabama
  • Univ. of Montevallo
  • Univ. of North Alabama
  • Univ. of South Alabama
  • Wallace State Community College
  • Selma-Alabama State Univ.
  • Auburn Univ.
  • Athens State Univ.
  • Troy University


Non-Profit / Philanthropy


  • Alabama Department of Education

Evidence of Impact

Research indicates that the AMSTI program improves student achievement in math and science in the state of Alabama.

Summary of AMSTI External Evaluation, Student Achievement Data, 2005: A statewide study conducted by an external evaluator under contract to the state found that AMSTI students in elementary and middle school consistently outperformed comparison students on the SAT-10 math and science tests, and state math and reading tests. In high school, AMSTI students outperformed comparisons on state graduation exams. Many of the differences were statistically significant.

One evaluation produced by the developer.
356 AMSTI schools are supported by 11 AMSTI regional sites throughout the state.

Contact Information

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50 North Ripley Street
P.O. Box 302101-2101
Montgomery,  AL  36130
(334) 353-9151

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