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Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI)

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This collaborative project between the University of Maryland and the Frederick County Public Schools focuses on integrating reading instruction in the elementary school curriculum. The CORI program prepares teachers to lead 60 minutes of engaged reading by incorporating cognitive reading strategy instruction and inquiry science in interesting and unique ways for students. Participating teachers are equipped with the skills to accomplish these classroom goals through interactive professional development workshops and established CORI guidelines.

Target Population

Targets students and teachers in grades 3-5.


To develop engaged readers by increasing students' reading comprehension, reading motivation, and science knowledge.

Program Highlights

  • Students in CORI classrooms exhibit superior text comprehension, reading motivation, and reading strategies use.
  • CORI is the subject of a large, current National Institute of Health study.

The Facts

38 elementary schools in Frederick County
The program site does not address the cost of program use or program participation. A one-day personal training session from Jennifer A. McPeake, one of the module’s creators, costs $500 plus expenses
East (Frederick County, Maryland)


Higher Education

  • University of Maryland, College Park


Non-Profit / Philanthropy


  • Frederick County Public Schools

Evidence of Impact

Research shows that CORI results in higher scores on text comprehension and reading strategies than other instructional approaches.

Increasing Reading Comprehension and Engagement Through Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction: A report from the developers shows that, students in CORI classrooms exhibited superior reading comprehension, reading motivation, and reading strategies on tests compared to students taught using other strategies.

Does Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction Increase Strategy Use and Conceptual Learning From Text?: A report from the developers shows that CORI students demonstrate better strategy use and text comprehension than students receiving traditionally organized instruction.

Four studies from CORI developers
The CORI program is being used in 38 elementary schools in Frederick County, Maryland. The developers are currently studying the results of extending this model to other, older populations of students.


Contact Information

Ellen Kaplan[Email Hidden - Click to View]
University of Maryland, Department of Human Development
3304 Benjamin Building
College Park,  MD  20742
(301) 314-8448

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