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Core-Plus Mathematics Project (CPMP)

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CPMP is a text-based curriculum featuring integrated development of fundamental concepts and skills in algebra and functions, geometry and trigonometry, statistics and probability, and discrete mathematics. It utilizes student‑centered investigations of math concepts in the context of realistic problems and applications, leading to an understanding of concepts, principles, techniques, and productive habits of mind. New technology tools enhance learning, teaching, and problem solving across the curriculum. The first three courses focus on broad mathematics concepts to prepare students for college and/or the workforce. The fourth course is flexible and is designed to help students prepare for college mathematics.

Target Population

Developed for grades 9-12 in traditional high school classrooms.


Focus on college-preparatory mathematics through the use of an alternative four-year math curriculum.

Program Highlights

  • Core-Plus Mathematics covers four years of high school math with a coordinated program.
  • Core-Plus Mathematics boosts students’ scores on standardized math tests, including college entrance examinations, as well as their quantitative thinking skills.
  • Core-Plus was identified as an “exemplary” program by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Facts

The program is implemented in over 500 high schools in multiple districts nationwide.
Student editions of each “course” (the textbook/student materials for one grade level) cost approximately $60 per student.


Higher Education

  • Western Michigan University


  • Glencoe/McGraw Hill

Non-Profit / Philanthropy


  • National Science Foundation

Evidence of Impact

Research shows that the CPMP curriculum has boosted students’ mathematical achievement on standardized tests.

A Matched Study of Washington State 10th Grade Assessment Scores of Students in Schools Using the CPMP Program: One study, conducted by a consultant, found that the pass rates for 10th grade students on the 2004-2005 WASL mathematics test were significantly higher in schools using the Core-Plus Mathematics Program. The higher scores were consistent across the board for students from various economic backgrounds.

CPMP Perspectives and Student Achievement: A study conducted by independent researchers found an overall boost in achievement/quantitative thinking skills among students in the CPMP curriculum compared to students in traditional math courses

Four independent studies.
The Core-Plus Mathematics Program was originally funded by NSF in 1992 and developed as a three-year course but has expanded to serve all four high school grades. The program has been implemented in over 500 schools and in at least 40 states across the country.


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