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The Early Assessment Program (EAP)


Provides access to college readiness assessments of English and Mathematics skills. Students are then able to take any necessary remediation courses during their senior year of high school. The program is particularly useful for students who are excelling in sub-par high school programs, and might not be aware that they are behind. The EAP website also offers an online assessment tool, as well as score interpretation and advice on next steps students should take.

Target Population

California high school juniors who are interested in attending the California State University.


To bridge the gap between high school and college academics, so that students do not require remediation courses once they enter university.

Program Highlights

  • The EAP assessments are an optional portion of the required California standardized tests.
  • Participating students receive explicit information on whether they would be require remediation, and ways they can become exempt.

The Facts

One university system
Not specified
West (California)


Higher Education

  • California State University System (CSU)



  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • The College Success Foundation


  • California Department of Education, including its State Board of Education

Evidence of Impact

Level 3 – Using data from the Sacramento campus, EAP participation was shown to significantly decrease students’ likelihood of requiring English course remediation, compared to similar students who did not participate. However, mathematics remediation did not significantly decrease at an alpha level of .05. Student outcomes are searchable on the program’s website, and can be reported by county, district, and school.

Postsecondary Preparation and Remediation: Examining the Effect of the Early Assessment Program at California State University: In-depth literature review of the costs and need for remediation in colleges, and a program description of EAP. Provides a logistic regression analysis of the program with statistical results. Also found significant ethnic differences, specifically that minority students were more likely to require remediation.

Statistical analysis of demographic, intervention, and outcome data.
Program is in use throughout California.

Contact Information

EAP[Email Hidden - Click to View]
The California State University
Long Beach,  CA  90840

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