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Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Program


High achieving college Sophomores apply to take part in a rigorous, research based program to increase scientific knowledge and self-confidence. The program provides opportunities for graduate level research discussion and presentation.

Target Population

UCLA Juniors and Seniors.


To instill in students a love of science, and the training necessary to be successful in graduate school and scientific careers.

Program Highlights

  • Each student is paired with a faculty mentor who will help guide the student’s research project.
  • Students participate in a weekly journal club to discuss selected articles’ ideas and methodologies.
  • The program provides guest speakers, career guidance, and academic scholarship funds.

The Facts

The program does not report costs
West (California)


Higher Education

  • UCLA



  • The Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Evidence of Impact

Level 2 - Increased in students’ scientific self-confidence, presentation skills, and literature comprehension. The group of like-minded peers made science fun to learn and discuss.

An intensive primary-literature-based teaching program directly benefits undergraduate science majors and facilitates their transition to doctoral programs: Reviewed annual student evaluations, mentor interviews, and an alumni survey. The program has been rigorously evaluated over multiple years, and demonstrates statistically stable outcomes. However, there is no control group, and the research might have a positive skew based on item structure.
Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Program 2008 Annual Progress Report: Provides in-depth program description, and positive quotations from student interviews.
The program is funded by a highly reputable organization, and operated by UCLA. The annual report also offers many details that would be useful for organizations attempting replication.

Contact Information

Menise Lyons[Email Hidden - Click to View]
Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Program, Administered by URC/CARE

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