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The Compact for Success is a collaboration between the Sweetwater Union High School District and San Diego State University. Students from the district who meet established benchmarks are automatically guaranteed admission to San Diego State. The goal of the program is to improve the graduation and retention rates of Sweetwater students on campus. The first group of Compact Scholars matriculated at San Diego State University in 2006. In fall 2007, the second cohort of students enrolled. The program includes the following elements:

  • 7th Grade Campus Visits where San Diego State University hosts roughly 3,600 students and parents from each 7th grade class to formally welcome them to the Compact for Success and introduce these future SDSU applicants to the campus and its services.
  • 10th Grade Campus Visits where the Sweetwater Union High School District buses 10th grade students determined to be on‑track to SDSU in groups of 120 for a full school day of academic and admissions information and transcript review. SDSU staff presents students with a comprehensive pre‑orientation to the university and SDSU students lead visitors on a campus tour. Students also have the opportunity to review their transcripts and visit a computer lab to begin their college application.
  • Compact College Advisors provide middle and high school students access to a current SDSU student that is highly knowledgeable of the Compact for Success­ expectations as well as what it takes to succeed at San Diego State University.
  • College Making It Happen is a program designed to communicate to families and school educators the importance of early academic and financial planning.

The Compact Scholars Program (CSP) is the postsecondary component of the Compact and aims to enhance students­ academic and social integration to ensure they maximize all the opportunities SDSU has to offer. Students are encouraged to engage in undergraduate research programs, study abroad, community-based service learning activities, and student life services focused on college success.

Available Evidence

One study met BHEF'­s criteria for program inclusion. The findings were positive, but statistical significance was not reported: Arnold, J. (2004). Compact for success: Fulfilling a promise. A model for university/district collaboration. San Diego, CA: Sweetwater Union High School District.

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