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Cyber Security Program, The Science Center at Pinellas County

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Program Description

A certification program designed to provide college students and adults with training in cyber security. The program will prepare students for careers in a number of competency areas, including security baselines, cyber ethics, and avenues of attack. The program differentiates itself by offering students both academic and practical experiences, mentoring by industry experts, and opportunities for internships and career placement assistants. Participants who successfully earn their certification will qualify for course credit at St. Petersburg College.

Available Evidence

Level 1 – The program has publically available descriptive data, including a participation rate of 21 students in the summer of 2010 and 16 students in the winter of 2010-2011. The program has plans for an in-depth evaluation in the near future. However no statistical analyses have been conducted.

Contact Information

Pam Bittaker[Email Hidden - Click to View]
Science Center of Pinellas County
701 22nd Avenue North
St. Petersburg,  FL  33710
727-384-0027 ext. 229

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