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With the help of local businesses, private donors, and government, the program provides eligible Knox County public high school student with up to $2,000 for tuition at one of three local community colleges in Tennessee. In order to continue to receive funds, each semester students must maintain a college GPA of at least 2.0, earn six credit hours, and participate in at least one community service activity. Participants receive mentorship on college access from community volunteers.

Available Evidence

Level 1 - The program has publicaly available descriptive data, including number of participants, family income levels, and average test scores. The program also provides percentages including students who previously would not have been able to afford college, students who earn a two-year degree, and students who earn a four-year degree. However, no statistical analyses have been conducted. From the Knox County strategic plan it seems that there will be a formal program evaluation in the future.

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400 Main Street, Suite 615
Knoxville,  TN  37902

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